The Importance of Regripping

Grips that are not sized correctly, aren’t suited for certain weather conditions, don’t enhance playing ability, and are worn out will severely impact your game. When your grip is worn it causes you to grasp the club tighter and creates arm and wrist tension- leading to a lack of power and control. The FlatCat grip shape, which is offered in two versions, quiets the hands and gives golfers the very best chance to maintain a square putter face at impact, paramount to making more putts! A fresh set of grips is an inexpensive and fast way to bring a big change to your golf game.


Why Should I Regrip?
Throughout rounds your grip can degrade from heat, sweat, dirt, and oily residue. Over time your grip may become less sticky and discolored due to being worn and damaged. A national survey of golfers showed that 66% of those who had clubs regripped showed an average drop of 3-4 strokes per round.

Other reasons to regrip:

  • Replacing stock “standard” size grips for a size that matches the size of your hands.
  • Select a material, texture, and design that fits your style, level, and can withstand the weather.
  • Replace worn out slick grips that contribute to excessive grip tension and improper swing mechanics.


When Should I Regrip?
Grips should be replaced around every 40 rounds. If you go to the practice range often, you may need to replace your grips sooner. Most people remember to regrip in the spring when the golf season officially begins. A grip should always be replaced when there is a first sign of noticeable wear. This can include:

  • Smooth, hard surfaces
  • Cracks
  • Glossy patches
  • Wear spots
  • Faded or bare spots 
  • Loss of tack- becoming slicker


How to Make Grips Last Longer
Grips deal with a lot of physical damage throughout the season. They are exposed to the sun, heat from the trunk of your car, ozone from the atmosphere, dirt, oil, and sweat. Grips are made to last but are not indestructible. Grips will always deteriorate with age and the usage but there are ways to prolong their life by regular cleaning. Most grips can be cleaned with mild dishwashing detergent and a washcloth. After scrubbing, rinse off your grip in warm water to get rid of any excess soap and then towel dry. It is also recommended to store your clubs inside rather than outside to avoid the hot weather that can break down the rubber. Taking good care of your clubs and storing them safely will help them last longer and save you money! Now regrip and get on the course! 


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