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Grip size is all about personal feel and preference. Below is a brief description of each of our four sizes to help you decide what is right for you.

The Slim FLAT CAT is our smallest model, available in the original & TAK grips. This grip would be an excellent choice for golfers who love the classic feel of the thinner grip.

The Svelte FLAT CAT is a hybrid of our Slim and Standard sizes, available in the original, SOLUTION & TAK grips. It has the narrow width of the Slim with the larger flat sides of the Standard and is a perfect for any golfer who wants to really feel the flat sides, but prefers a smaller grip size.

The Standard FLAT CAT is our most popular model. All of our FLAT CAT grips are available in the Standard size and would be an excellent choice any golfer looking to improve their putting.

The Fat FLAT CAT is available in our original & SOLUTION grips. It is slightly larger than our Standard model and provides added flat area for a golfer struggling to feel the face of their putter while minimizing wrist movement.

The Big Boy FLAT CAT is our largest model and for players looking to remove any wrist movement from their stroke. This size is avaialable in the original & SOLUTION grips.

The USGA has deemed that FLAT CAT putter grips conform with the Rules of Golf and are permitted for both amateur & professional levels of play.

Most golf retailers and golf course pro shops can regrip your club for a nominal fee. Grip tape & solvent are needed to apply grips (not included).

Both the FLAT CAT original and FLAT CAT Solution have flat sides designed to help you square your putter face to the intended target line and sink more putts. The FLAT CAT Solution takes it a step further and introduces a patented stainless steel weighted cone positioned directly below the hands. The feeling of a heavier putter head is created without losing any feel in your stroke, giving you a smoother, more consistent, pendulum-like putting stroke! The FLAT CAT Solution has been specifically designed for the golfer who may suffer with a slight twitch or “yip” in their putting stroke. The patented weighted cone located optimally below the golfers’ hands will automatically smooth out the stroke and virtually eliminate any yip or twitch in the stroke without losing any feel.

Although this is often overlooked, cleaning your golf grips will help prolong their life. To keep your grips looking and feeling new, we recommend that you occasionally wipe them down with a damp soft cloth. Do not saturate the grip or immerse in water. Avoid storing your grips in extreme environments such as freezing temperatures, high humidity, high heat, and dry heat.


Please check your order confirmation email for the date quoted on your pre-order item. If you ordered more than one type of pre-order item, the ship date may be different for each item. Dates quoted on pre-order items are available while supply lasts. If a pre-order date gets pushed out to a later date, the new date is for all future orders of that item. Unless you are contacted directly by a FLAT CAT team member about your order status, you can expect your pre-order item to ship out the date it was quoted on your order confirmation email.

Orders will ship out within 1-2 business days of submitting your order, unless we are observing a holiday. Your order will arrive depending on the shipping option you selected at checkout. Learn more on our Orders & Shipping page.

If you ordered a FLAT CAT grip from another retailer, your order is subject to their shipping & return policies. Please refer to that store for order and product questions or issues.


We gladly accept returns on all new (uninstalled) grips within 30 days of the purchase date. For more information, please see our Return Policy.