Flat Cat Original

Used by professionals on tour, our flat-sided grip puts the face of the putter in the palm of your hand for straighter shot to the hole.

available in 5 sizes ►

Flat Cat Solution

Our patented, weighted putter grip produced a smoother, pendulum-like stroke that provides golf’s first answer to the (shall we say it) dreaded yips.

Available in 5 sizes ►

Flat Cat Tak

Feel the difference with our NEW FLAT CAT TAK grip. The exclusive FLAT1 squared grip made from a proprietary rubber compound for a tackier grip is now available.

Available in 3 sizes ►

Flat Cat Pistol

FLAT CAT putter grips are now available in a traditional Pistol shape in both our non-weighted & weighted options.

Available in 2 Options ►

Square Your Face

Mike Heisterkamp explains why FLAT CAT putter grips help you sink more putts.

Square Your Face