FLAT CAT® putter grips put the feeling of “SQUARE” into the palm of your hands. Ensuring your putter face is square to your intended target line is the key to making putts. With FLAT CAT, when you square your face, you sink more putts! FLAT CAT putter grips conform with the Rules of Golf and have been approved for both amateur and professional levels of play.


Flat Cat Original

Used by professionals on tour, our flat-sided grip puts the face of the putter in the palm of your hand for straighter shot to the hole.

available in 5 sizes ►

Flat Cat Solution

Our patented, weighted putter grip produced a smoother, pendulum-like stroke that provides golf’s first answer to the (shall we say it) dreaded yips.

Available in 5 sizes ►

Flat Cat Tak

Feel the difference with our NEW FLAT CAT TAK grip. The exclusive FLAT1 squared grip made from a proprietary rubber compound for a tackier grip is now available.

Available in 3 sizes ►

Flat Cat Pistol

FLAT CAT putter grips are now available in a traditional Pistol shape in both our non-weighted & weighted options.

Available in 2 Options ►