How To Regrip

Want to install your FLAT CAT® Putter Grip at home? Follow the steps in the video below and you will be sinking more putts in no time! If you prefer a professional to install your grip, most golf retailers and golf course pro shops can regrip your club for a nominal fee.

Tools Needed: A razor to cut off your existing golf grip, two-way adhesive tape, and mineral spirits to pour onto the tape to allow the grip to slip on. 


Step 1: (0:33) Safely remove the existing grip on your putter (use razor to cut away from you). May take multiple tries depending on how old or worn out your grip is. 


Step 2: (2:54) Remove old tape. In some cases, it is perfectly fine to leave the old tape on. 


Step 3: (4:03) Apply new tape. Peel of two-way tape and make sure the tape is a quarter to a half-inch above the butt end of the shaft. Use thumb to adhere the tap. 


Step 4: (5:53) Soak with mineral spirits. Pour mineral spirits into hole on the side of the grip (make sure coated nicely). 


Step 5: (7:09) Install your new grip. Takes about 5 minutes to dry after sliding on. 


Step 6: (7:41) Align the grip. Use 90 degree angle to easily see if sides match up. 


Step 7: Sink more putts!