10 Putting Drills You Can Practice Anywhere

Posted: April 10, 2020

Putting can make or break your game. We've put together a list of some of our favorite drills that can be completed at home or on the golf course, with items found around the house.

Practice these 10 drills between rounds to improve your game!

1. Clock Drill

Take 12 balls and place them around the cup in 3-foot intervals. Start with the 4 closest to the hole and work your way outward. If you miss a putt, restart the drill from your starting point. This drill will increase your confidence and putting in pressure situations.

2. Meter Stick Drill

Use a metal meter stick and place it 6 feet away from your target. Place the ball on the end and hit your putt, if the ball stays on the meter stick this means that your putter face was square at impact and you struck the putt solid.

DRILL 1: Clock Drill

3. Gate Putting Drill

4 feet away from your target place two tees that are just wider than your putter head, this creates a gate for your putter. Hit putts without hitting the two tees, this will ensure that your putter head is on the correct path and that putts are struck solid.

4. Manila Folder Drill

Use a manila folder or anything of similar size as your target. Hit putts and try to stop the ball on that target. This will help with consistency and controlling speed.

DRILL 3: Gate Putting Drill

5. Path Drill

Place 2 objects on the ground (book, alignment sticks, shallow boxes) so that your putter head can barely fit between them. Make practice strokes focusing on not hitting the objects. This will help with a straight back-straight through path and keep the putter head square.

6. Alignment Rod Putting Drill

Place an alignment rod 18” behind your target. Hit putts from 25-30 feet, you must get the ball past the hole but stay short of the alignment rod. This will help with controlling speed while also giving yourself more opportunities to make putts.

DRILL 5: Path Drill

7. Coin Stack Drill

Stack a penny, nickel, and dime behind your ball. Stroke your putt with out knocking any of the coins off the stack. This will ensure that your striking your putt while swinging upwards and putting top spin on the putt.

8. Lag Putting Drill

Place a target at 30 feet, 40 feet, and 50 feet. Roll three putts to each target and get each putt inside an imaginary 3-foot circle. If you are outside the circle your must restart the drill. After completing the drill at each length, restart the drill out of order and complete again. This will help with your lag putting leading to more two putts.

DRILL 7: Coin Stack Drill

9. Acceleration Drill

Find a straight putt on the practice green, place an alignment stick in front of the hole. Hit putts from 3 feet with enough speed that ball pops over the alignment stick and into the hole. This will make sure that you are hitting your putts with enough speed and not decelerating through impact.

10. Credit Card Drill

Place a credit card or old hotel key on the putting green, place the ball on the top of the card towards the back. Align your putter head with the back of the card. This will ensure that your putter is properly aligned with the target line.

DRILL 9: Acceleration Drill

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