5 Fun Facts About The Open Championship

This year marks the 150th Open Championship, which will take place at the Old Course at St Andrews, Scotland. Many people refer to the The Open Championship as “The Open” or “British Open.” The Open is the oldest golf tournament in the world and is the fourth and final big tournament of the year, typically held in mid-July each year. Here are five fun facts about the Open Championship to get you prepared for the flagship tournament! 

1. The First Open Championship

The first ever Open Championship was played on October 17, 1860, at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland. With over three rounds of the 12 hole links course.


2. Links Course
The Open Championship is always played on a coastal links golf course. Links golf has a history dating back to when golf originated in Scotland’s 15th century. These golf courses are not “built” but made from its surrounding nature. Meaning, each round of golf may need to be played differently based on different wind directions along with the on-shore breeze.


3. Champion Prizes
The Golf Champion Trophy, also known as the Claret Jug, is awarded to the winner until the next Open. At the next Open, the winner must return the original trophy and get a replica trophy to keep. If you are the winner, you get guaranteed entry for all future Open Championships until you are 60 years old, as well as entry into the next 10 Opens, even if you are over the age of 60.


4. Qualifying 
Qualifying was first introduced in 1907, and for many years, all players had to go through the same qualification process. Now most players get exempt from qualification either through: 

  • Previously golfing in the Open
  • Performing well in other major tournaments
  • Performances in golf tours 
  • Or a high position in the Official World Golf Ranking


5. Old Course at St Andrews
The old course at St Andrews is often considered to be the place many golfers always dream to win the Open Championship one day. It is known to be the oldest golf course in the world. Every five years the Open Championship is generally played at St Andrews due to its high status. It is a tradition that most of the previous champion winners play their last championship in St Andrews. It is also a tradition to pose for final pictures on the Swilken Bridge with the views of the clubhouse and town in the background! 

Now that you have more knowledge about the Open Championship, you may be inspired to get out on the green and spend time learning how to regrip properly. Hopefully, we’ve given you some new factoids to toss around at your local club or golf course. Be sure to check back for the latest updates on our blog.


The Open

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